Problematic Skin Products

Aji Spa draws inspiration from the Earth and the Pima and Maricopa People for our new “Indigenous” line of signature products, made from organics found on the Gila River Indian Community. The Indigenous brand is inspired by ingredients that grow naturally on the Medicine Trail at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and have served as Native American cleansers and remedies for centuries. Relax and enjoy the aromatic organic infusion of Creosote (Shegoi), Aloe, Yucca, Willow Bark, Dessert Mallow and Lavender.


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Tabula Rasa - 35ml
Spot specific acne fighting formula heals blemishes and reduces enlarged pores, soothes ingrown hairs and razor burn. Exfoliate, unclog pores, combat skin eruptions and kill bacteria with lactic acid. Stimulate cell renewal and allantoin and grape seed extract. Cleanse and increase circulation with naturally antiseptic witch hazel.

Price: $22.00
Raspberry Clarifying Pads
Powerful blemish-reducing toner in a convenient cotton pad helps clear congested skin and prevent stubborn breakouts and the formation of comedones. Dissolve skin impurities and gently exfoliate with salicylic acid. Cleanse and reduce enlarged pores with naturally antiseptic witch hazel. Combat breakouts with totara and tea tree extracts. Protect and clarify skin with antimicrobial raspberry extract, containing high concentrations of vitamins, phytonutrients and flavonoids.

Directions: Use anytime to cleanse, tone and/or combat stubborn breakouts.
Price: $32.00
Raspberry Acne Bar - 4oz
Antibacterial cleansing bar clears congested skin and alleviates stubborn breakouts. Reduce inflammation and calm irritated skin with antibacterial raspberry extracts. Clear comedones and prevent new ones with salicylic acid. Dissolve skin impurities, gently exfoliate and smooth acne scarring with fruit enzymes.

Use daily AM and PM: Apply to wet face using light upward and outward massaging circles. Rinse well.

Price: $42.00
Night Breeze - 30ml
Protective serum delivers oxygen deep within the dermis, to promote healing and stimulate cell renewal. Suppress P-bacteria, the leading cause of acne, and revitalize skin with pure botanical oxygen. Promote healthy cell formation with antioxidant fumaric acid. Heal and soothe skin with anti-inflammatory allantoin.

Use 1-2 times a week at bedtime: Apply a thin layer to face and neck.

Price: $54.00
Clarity Aftershave Spot Repair
Aftershave Tonic on pads helps mediate razor burn, reduce enlarged pores and combat ingrown hairs. Excellent antidote for minor breakouts for both face and body.Powerful lactic acid fights skin eruptions and stubborn blackheads. Naturally antiseptic witch hazel leaves skin cleansed and helps reduce enlarged pores.

Use anytime and/or after shaving to cleanse and tone face and body. Use AM/PM
Price: $28.00
Arcona Basic Five Problem Kit
Your skin may be problematic if you have cystic acne, rashes and /or experience both oily and dry areas. Acne skin can be sensitive, have discoloration and uneven texture. PM- Raspberry Acne Bar (Cleanse), The Solution (Treatment)

AM- Cranberry Gommage (Cleanse/exfoliate), AM Acne Lotion (Hydrate), Tabula Rasa (Protect)
PM-Raspberry Clarifying Bar (cleanse), The Solution (exfoliate)
Price: $87.00
AM Acne Lotion - 35ml
Antibacterial lotion for adolescent and adult acne clears acne lesions, reduces inflammation and prevents formation of comedones. Combat skin eruptions, unclog pores and kill bacteria with lactic and salicylic acids. Eradicate P-bacteria, the leading cause of acne, with antimicrobial totara extracts. Clear skin and reduce inflammation with antibacterial manuka extract.

Price: $38.00