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A journey of sacred doctrines, the signature Indigenous Collection was developed by Aji's Pima and Maricopa Cultural Caretakers and is the only authentic Native American spa menu in existence.

*Denotes treatment is provided by Pima or Maricopa Cultural Caretaker with limited availability.
*THOACHTA ("Healing" by Belen Stoneman)
110-minutes from $270-$310
Embark on a healing journey of body, mind and spirit during this one-of-a-kind treatment that combines traditional massage, polarity and ancient Pima healing doctrines. Begin with a brief sharing consultation, then relax and allow your body to guide Belen's healing hands. Belen completes the experience by sharing what your body and spirit have communicated.
50-minutes from $145-$165
80-minutes from $205-$225
A Therapeutic massage that incorporates energy anatomy and ancient techniques passed down for generations from Pima Medicine Healers, designed for ultimate relaxation with traces of spiritual healing.
VACHK (The Pond - Indigenous Water Treatment)
80-minutes from $205-$225
Water has been seen as the "life-blood" for the Pima and Maricopa People. The pond was built in the style of the "Olas Ki" (roundhouse). During this treatment, the water will allow for movements that are not possible on a traditional massage table. Gentle rocking will loosen your spine while rhythmic movement, massage, and stretching will relax your muscles and increase your flexibility. A comfortable bathing suit is required.
HO'ISHP (ha ish - Sacred Prickly Pear Body Treatment)
110-minutes from $250-$270
This signature journey begins in our therapeutic steam capsule with an application of Sacred Prickly Pear Red Clay. The unique combination of steam and nourishing antioxidants will help to detoxify the body and tone the skin. The treatment continues with a revitalizing 50-minute full body massage with Prickly Pear & Aloe Oil to rehydrate the skin. This beneficial moisture is sealed in with a final application of Aloe and Prickly Pear gel to leave the skin feeling silky smooth. Your experience concludes with a soothing cup of Prickly Pear Tea.
*ONGAM HOBIN (Sacred Salt Wrap)
50-minutes from $135-$155
Feel the effects of the magical pilgrimage of the Sacred Salt Journey. You will feel the clearing of the mind and heart, your body will be purified while relaxing in the steam capsule.
*NAHTOGIG (Four Directions)
50-minutes from $145-$165
Inspired by the beautiful Creation Story mosaic that welcomes guests as they arrive at Aji, this treatment uses local Indigenous ingredients to represent the elements of sunset, illumination, sandstorm and water. Pomegranate, Salt, Honey and Blue Cornmeal are combined to create a beautiful body treatment that exfoliates and nourishes the skin. In closing, guests are presented with a copy of the Creation Story and a soothing warm honey pomegranate beverage.
*KIOHO (Burden Basket Meditation)
50-minutes from $110-$130
Historically, Burden Baskets were used by Pima women as carrying baskets to "bear all burdens." They would carry loads of more than 100 pounds; if they had a baby they would carry the baby in its cradle as well as the basket. Leave your "burdens in a basket" by working one-on-one with our meditation instructor to learn techniques for stress reduction, visualization and connection with your inner-being. The session will include a private consultation and meditation session, including visualization and energy balance.

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