Exfoliating Body Treatments (Chipich)

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Exfoliating body treatments will detoxify and revitalize your skin leaving it feeling soft, silky and smooth. We advise that you do not shave and limit your sun exposure prior to exfoliating body treatments.

# - This symbol represents our signature collection of treatments that have been crafted from locally harvested indigenous ingredients providing you with a unique and unforgettable experience.

*Denotes treatment is provided by Pima or Maricopa Cultural Caretaker with limited availability.
AKIMEL OHN (River Salt Glow)
50-minutes from $135-$155
50-minutes from $135-$155
Purify and detoxify the body while you moisturize and nourish the skin with this luxurious Vichy treatment. The "Akimel Ohn" combines the cleansing and detoxifying properties of River Blend bath salts with the moisturizing and nourishing properties of the River Blend bath gel to gently remove toxins and nurture the skin. The final step is an application of the Native Botanical River Lotion.
JUÑ (Honey Body Scrub)
50-minutes from $135-$155
80-minutes from $195-$215
Invigorate the body, relax your mind and leave your skin healthy and vibrant. Begin the treatment with a gentle exfoliation using our custom-designed honey body Vichy scrub followed by an application of body milk. When complete, your skin will feel soft and healthy.
CHIPICH (Indigenous Signature Body Scrub) #
50-minutes from $135-$155
An organic body exfoliation using our private label Indigenous Body Scrub which blends natural salt with local desert botanicals for an aromatic skin soothing treat. Followed by an application of our signature Indigenous Body Lotion, rich in vitamins and nutrients, it will leave your skin feeling refreshed and healthy.
HO'ISHP (ha ish - Sacred Prickly Pear Body Treatment) #
110-minutes from $250-$270
This signature journey begins in our therapeutic steam capsule with an application of Sacred Prickly Pear Red Clay. The unique combination of steam and nourishing antioxidants will help to detoxify the body and tone the skin. The treatment continues with a revitalizing 50-minute full body massage with Prickly Pear & Aloe Oil to rehydrate the skin. This beneficial moisture is sealed in with a final application of Aloe and Prickly Pear gel to leave the skin feeling silky smooth. Your experience concludes with a soothing cup of Prickly Pear Tea.
*ONGAM HOBIN (Sacred Salt Wrap)
50-minutes from $135-$155
Feel the effects of the magical pilgrimage of the Sacred Salt Journey. You will feel the clearing of the mind and heart, your body will be purified while relaxing in the steam capsule.

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