The Devils Claw
Par 72
Tee Color Tees - Black
Yardage - 7029
Slope - 129
Rating - 72.6
Tee Color Tees - Gold
Yardage - 6487
Slope - 123
Rating - 70.4
Tee Color Tees - Silver
Yardage - 6034
Slope - 118
Rating - 68.1
Tee Color Tees - Silver Ladies
Yardage - 6034
Slope - 127
Rating - 74.2
Tee Color Tees - Copper Ladies
Yardage - 5540
Slope - 121
Rating - 71.4

Hole #5 Statistics
Par 4
Hole Image
Tee Color Copper 314 Yds 5 Handicap
Tee Color Silver 348 Yds 5 Handicap
Tee Color Gold 376 Yds 5 Handicap
Tee Color Black 410 Yds 5 Handicap
Coyote Tracks "Bahn Goki" This golf hole has several sand traps bringing to mind the tracks of animals. The coyote is predominating in many Odham stories. In one story, the coyote is tricked by baby quails that run away from coyote and hide in holes in the ground. The coyote reaches into the holes and pulls the quails out one by one. The coyote reaches in to the last hole, which has no quail. Alas, the coyote is tricked again in grabbing on to a thorny cactus that was placed there by the quails. While the coyote was jumping and hollering the quails made their escape. Today, Odham basket weavers incorporate coyote track representations in combination with other designs on their baskets.